A project to build

The first personalized co-op
electric vehicle charging network

in the United States with AeonCharge

How it works

Leave us your contact details and we will reach out to you for any location you would want a charger. (e.g. favorite restaurant, office building, by your parent's house)
Together with the community, we will help you find financing to build EV chargers at the locations you have referred to.
With these chargers being listed, enjoy the benefit of booking, payment, and charging through one single app with AeonCharge.

Access our features

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Only real and verified hosts! We care about the security and safety of our members.
No more price gouging, and a fair price for each charging. Don’t need to feel bad for not paying an EV homeowner anymore.
No more broken chargers or inaccessible charging spots. We will reimburse your next charging otherwise.
A few clicks away from booking a charger at your: favorite restaurant, friend’s neighborhood, and office building.

Access our features

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Help and support your fellow EV travelers! Your electricity cost will be fully covered.
You always have full control to turn on/off your charger availability within a single click.
Your charger will be insured by us. We make sure members behave responsibly in our network.
The money you received from hosting can be used to charge or to be transferred to your bank account with a secure payment system.

Personalized charging access with AeonCharge!

Say goodbye to travel anxiety during family visit, road trip, and other travels with your beloved EV(s)

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Let’s join our
community together!

Get our recommended EV charger in an affordable price!

Be a part of the co-op network to refer, invest, and share a charger