Asked Questions

What does AeonCharge offer?
AeonCharge is creating an aggregated electric vehicle (EV) charging platform where EV drivers can locate and pay for chargers through a single platform.
Why should I use AeonCharge?
Our platform ensures a complete list of all EV chargers without duplicates. The app allows booking and payment with one easy click. In addition, we upgrade old 'dumb' chargers with our smart-up technology for EV driver's convenience.
How far in advance can I make the booking for a charger?
You can book a charger 15 minutes in advance.
Is charging more expensive through the AeonCharge platform?
No! We will 100% price match the cost of the EV charging providers, so you will pay exactly the same as if you use the providers' native apps. If you go into the business/store/venue in which the charger is located, you will most likely get a free charging session with the promo code they provide.